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Known Issues

Logging in to the server is not possible via Transkribus, but on the website it works.

  • Error message “Already connected”: your Java installation may be outdated and can’t establish a secure connection to the server. You can check your installed version by opening a terminal/command line and entering “java -version”. If you encounter this problem, try updating Java on your machine. We recommend a current version of Java 8 (Oracle or OpenJdk). The Mac version of Transkribus includes a Java runtime. If you encounter this problem on a Mac please download a new package from from and update your installation. If the error persists please contact, ideally including the log file of your installation (from the Transkribus directory: logs/TrpGui.log) and/or information on your Java version and operating system.
  • Since February 2017, old Transkribus versions are blocked from logging in for compatibility reasons. If you use a version older than 1.0.0 an update of the application may be necessary to solve this issue.
  • You may have to configure a proxy server via ‘main menu’ – ‘Proxy settings’.

Java Heap space / No more handles

  • 32 bit Java on a 64 bit Windows OS -> install 64 bit Java from here:
  • Too little RAM: Try to allocate more main memory by opening Transkribus.bat and set e.g. java -Xmx2048m -jar Transkribus-1.5.4.jar
    • Start Transkribus with this bat file

Logging in is prevented by the Firewall of your Internet Provider

  • Some IT departments are blocking the SSL port 443 and/or unknown applications via a firewall. Check with your IT department if that might be the case.

Norton Antivirus detects a threat and is blocking the zip file from being unpacked.

  • Solution: This is a false alarm which Norton gives when encountering software it is not familiar with (WS.Reputation.1). You should be able to restore the file from quarantine by following the instructions from the following resource [1].

Versions older or equal than 0.6.5 cannot update (very long error message):

  • Please click on the “Home” button (upper left corner), then “Install a specific version”, select the newest version from “Releases” and tick the box beside “Download complete package”.
  • Afterwards click on “Update” or “Replace”. This way, the complete package is downloaded and the update should work.