Make your document accessible on the web


read&search is our dedicated solution for making your documents accessible on the web via a standardized digital edition. read&search takes the documents from your Transkribus collection and provides all features you are expecting from  rich web-interface for historical documents.

Make your documents visible on the web

  • Provide access just for members of cour collection or for the general public
  • Search the full-text with facets and Fuzzy search (optional)
  • Get the text of your documents as overlay or beside the image
  • Link to the Transkribus web-transcription interface for crowd-sourcing
  • Access your documents on your smartphone (fully responsive)


read&search – a standardized digital edition of your documents.

Search your materials on basis of the full-text – either with or without Fuzzy search

Modify your search using search facets – e.g. show only material containing your search term from a certain year, or document.

View the page image and the recognised/transcribed text, or use the overlay to display the text.

Make the connection to the Transkribus web-transcription interface for involving volunteers and crowd-users