Getting started with Transkribus

The guide that gets you started with Transkribus.
Learn how to set up and manage your account and get Transkribus up and running.
Before you start

You have two options to use Transkribus

Expert Client

The Expert Client is the standalone version of Transkribus with the full power of the Transkribus platform. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Transkribus lite

Transkribus lite is the web version of Transkribus with enhanced usability. Many of the beloved features from the Transkribus Expert Client can be used also in Transkribus lite.

All your work that is saved in your READ COOP account can be accessed through the Expert Client and Transkribus lite

Getting started

In the following video you learn how to sign up, manage your account, download and install the Transkribus Expert Client.

Setting up your Account

Signing up

Registering a free Transkribus account is easy just sign up for free or log in to an existing account.

Managing your account

Once you have signed up, you can manage your account from your account page. You can view your recent orders, see your READ COOP Membership and your current subscriptions, manage your addresses or edit your account details.

Expert Client: Download & Installation

Downloading the Expert Client

The Expert Client is the standalone version of Transkribus with the full power of the Transkribus platform. When you are logged in with your Transkribus account you can download Transkribus from here.

As soon as you start the download, you get detailed instructions for the installation of Transkribus.

Installing the Expert Client

To install the Transkribus Expert Client, you first need to unzip the downloaded package. Within the unzipped folder you will find several files to run Transkribus on Windwos, Mac or Linux. But before you start Transkribus, please make sure that you have installed the latest Java version. Depending on your OS you need to launch the .exe, .command, .sh file to start Transkribus.

More about the download & installation of the Expert Client you find in this guide

Logging into Expert Client

Once you have opend Transkribus Expert Client, you can simply use the credentials that you have registered on the website to log into Transkribus.

All documents uploaded to Transkribus are “private”, which means that no one except you has access to them.

We fully support all EU directives on data protection and privacy. We will respect your privacy and only use the data to improve our services and support research in humanities and computer science!