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Become a Member & Co-Owner of READ-COOP

Join us, become part of the revolution of handwritten text recognition and enjoy a range of benefits


Benefits of Joining READ-COOP


You get 10% off regular HTR page-processing prices as a regular member and 25% off as a subscribing member and 500 free credits every year

High level of transparency

You will enjoy a high level of transparency on the part of management.

Privileged information

As a member you get the latest and privileged information about business policies

Right to vote

Membership entails the right to vote at the annual general assembly, and to participate in the shaping of the community initiative that is READ-COOP SCE

How to become a member

To become a member of READ-COOP SCE you can apply as a individual person or as an Institution. As a member of READ-COOP you are a co-owner of the cooperative. Just follow the application process by clicking on the “Become a member” button to join us! We will be happy to welcome you on board. 



Join as a private person
250 Equals 1 share
  • Maximum = 1 share (1 vote)
  • Yearly membership fee = 25%


Join with your institution
1000 Equals 4 shares
  • Maximum = 20 shares (5 votes)
  • Yearly membership fee = 25%

What is READ-COOP anyway?

Our motto: achieve together what one cannot do alone.

A cooperative society, like we are, combines the best of two worlds. We can be active in the market like a company and earn profits, and at the same time we are democratically organised like an association and headed by a board of directors elected by our members. 

All our profits are re-invested towards our common goal: revolutionising handwritten text recognition and empowering users. There is no distribution of monetary profits or short-sighted business practices. 


Making the Transkribus ecosystem better is all that matters to us. 

You can be part of this by joining us as a member—which makes you a co-owner of the company.


At READ-COOP, customers can be owners and owners can be customers.

This comes with numerous benefits such as discounts on all products and services, privileged information, the right to vote, networking and data-sharing opportunities etc. We meet monthly with our members and discuss the latest tech we are working on. At these meetings your ideas and insights will be listened to, and you can have a say in future development. Join our cause.

Join our cooperative. Join the historical documents revolution.


We'll be happy to talk with you.

Important to know

Buying shares

By buying a certain number of shares you will become part of the revolution of handwritten text recognition. For private persons a maximum of 1 share (= 250.00 EUR) can be bought while for institutions a minimum of 4 shares (= 1,000.00 EUR) and a maximum of 20 shares (=5,000 €) can be drawn.


Paying an annual membership fee

An annual membership applies, equal to 25% of the total price of the shares acquired (i.e., 63.00 EUR for private persons and a minimum 250.00 EUR for institutions, per year).

Statutes of READ-COOP SCE

Statutes of READ-COOP

The statutes of READ-COOP are the “bible” for our future work. Please read them carefully. They are compliant with the EU directive on European Cooperatives as well as with national Austrian legislation and related laws. They were carefully set up with support from the Raiffeisen Association and approved by the Landesgericht Innsbruck (Court of Tyrol). The official registration number of READ-COOP SCE with limited liability is FN 520187g.