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The Expert Client is the standalone version of Transkribus with the full power of the Transkribus platform: digitisation, AI-powered recognition, transcription and searching of historical documents. Transkribus can be trained to recognize exactly the documents you are interested in.

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Note: In order to work with Transkribus you need to have java installed. You can download the latest version from the official oracle website here.

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Important notes

  • Transkribus is platform independent and will run on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Transkribus is written in Java. You need to have the newest Java 8 (64-bit) installed on your computer for Transkribus to work. This should be the case for most computers.
  • You can get the latest java version here
  • If you need to check your Java version read more here

Unzip ZIP File

  • After download you will see a ZIP File in the download directory of your computer.
  • Unzip the file before you try to start an executable (.exe) file.

Run Transkribus via an executable file: .exe, .command, .sh

  • Open the Transkribus directory. There you will find the executable files for your operating system.
  • Start Transkribus from your user interface via doubleclick:
    • Windows: Transkribus.bat or use Transkribus.exe
    • Mac OS – Apple: Transkribus.command
    • Linux:

Notes for first launch on Linux

  • If the OS is (or is based on) Ubuntu 17.04, installing libwebkit is necessary:

sudo apt install libwebkitgtk-1.0-0

Notes for first launch on Windows

  • If you do not have “Administrator” rights, Windows will produce a warning message, such as: Your Computer is Protected by Windows”, etc.
  • Do not confirm, but go to “More Information”. There you can agree that this is not malware and that you want to run Transkribus on your computer.

Notes for first launch on MAC

If the download does not work on your Mac, then try this download here.

  • If you run the program the first time, it may not start because it is a non-signed application (“… can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” message)
  • In this case, right-click (or control-click) the application and choose “Open”. In the appearing dialog box, click “Open” again!
  • Or right click the Track Pad to open the Context Menu and add a security exception for Transkribus.

Additional Info

  • Please note that Transkribus is developed and tested using the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) by Oracle in version 1.8. While it is known to run also on the JVM that comes with OpenJDK, other implementations are neither tested nor officially supported. The same is valid for Java versions > 9.

Transkribus lite new

Use Transkribus in your browser. Many of the features from the Transkribus Expert Client can also be  used in Transkribus lite. Access all your documents from any browser.


Training, layout analysis, using Transkribus for manually transcribing, etc. – i.e., everything but text recognition proper is free of charge. Yet, you can also use  the Transkribus text recognition feature for free, as you get 500 free credits (i.e. about 500 pages) upon signup.

Your purchases will enable us to keep Transkribus alive into the future and keep this wonderful community going 🙂 Everything you need to know about buying credits you find here.


Download and use Transkribus
  • 500 Free HTR Credits on signup
  • Model Training
  • Layout Analysis
  • Manual Transcription

HTR Credits

Credits for Text Recognition
On-demand or Subscription
  • Everything in "FREE" plus
  • Process larger amounts
  • Credits can be shared
  • Choose HTR Engine

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