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Online Conference

Humanidades Digitales y estudios literarios hispánicos.

Hosted by: Università di Verona
June 22, 2021
- June 23, 2021

De los impresos de la Edad Moderna a las ediciones académicas digitales

The congress aim is the integration of digital tools to the field of Iberian studies of the Modern Age period.

First day is mainly dedicated to computer assisted philology, enhancing the usage of digital tools and the participation to collaborative projects.
During the second day, digital scholarly editing approaches are going to be explored with the presentation of some Spanish digital libraries and databases.

The congress is organized by three different projects: Progetto Mambrino (Università di Verona); BIDISO – Biblioteca Digital Siglo de Oro (Universidade da Coruña); COMEDIC – Catálogo de obras medievales impresas en castellano (Universidad de Zaragoza).

The whole initiative is sponsored by the Excellence Project of the Univ. of Verona «Le Digital Humanities applicate alle lingue e letterature straniere» (2018-2022) and by the PRIN 2017 «Mapping Chivalry. Spanish Romances of Chivalry from Renaissance to 21st Century: a Digital Approach».

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Stefano Bazzaco, Sagrario López Poza, José Manuel Fradejas Rueda, Antonio Rojas Castro, Antonio Moreno Hernández, et al.
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