Transkribus User Conference 2024

Following the successful 2022 User Conference, we want to thank everyone who attended and contributed, and are happy to announce that preparations for the next Transkribus User Conference are already underway! 

Our next conference will take place in Innsbruck on 15-16 February 2024. Join us and other users from around the world to share insights, network with peers and explore the future of text recognition at the Transkribus User Conference (TUC) next year.

Transkribus User Conference 2022

What is the TUC About?

The Transkribus User Conference (TUC) is a get-together of users, researchers and professionals from diverse backgrounds, all coming together to explore the future of handwritten text recognition (HTR) and related fields. The conference is a valuable opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences about Transkribus. The TUC will delve into the world of AI-powered text recognition, explore its future potential and present the latest advances in the field. Presenting insights, updates and best use cases through a variety of engaging talks and workshops, the Transkribus User Conference will be a learning experience for anyone interested in historical documents, digital humanities and the fascinating field of handwritten text recognition.

At Transkribus, we are constantly trying to push the boundaries of what is and what could be possible. We are looking forward to you joining us as we look to the future of unlocking our written past.

Günther Mühlberger, chair of READ-COOP, during the panel discussion at the TUC 22

TUC 24 Programme

The Transkribus User Conference will feature compelling keynotes, one of which will focus on Transkribus updates, usage and advancements, providing attendees with an in-depth understanding of the platform’s latest developments. A member of our cooperative will also deliver a keynote, offering a unique perspective on handwriting recognition and its importance within the cooperative community. In addition, as with the last TUC, there will be presentations, talks, and posters to share knowledge and experience. Furthermore, workshops will be held to give a deeper understanding of the new features and functions of Transkribus. 

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be organising and finalising the conference programme and will publish the schedule as soon as it’s finalised. In the meantime feel free to take a look at the talks and presentations from our last Transkribus User Conference in 2022 here on our Youtube channel.

Call for Papers

Our aim is to bring together experts, researchers and users from different disciplines to explore and discuss research, advances and use cases involving Transkribus. If you are interested in presenting at the Transkribus User Conference, we invite you to submit a proposal. 

You will be able to submit your proposal between 21 August and 14 October. We are excited about your contributions to the next Transkribus User Conference!

TUC 24 Main Details 

Date: 15.-16th February 2024

Venue: University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

Call for papers: 21st August – 14th October

Tickets: In-Person and Virtual Tickets


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