New version of nopaque released: now including a Transkribus HTR pipeline

The new version of the nopaque software programme has just been released, now with a completely new Transkribus HTR pipeline.

What is nopaque?

nopaque is a custom-built web application developed by a small, interdisciplinary team at the University of Bielefeld, called Data Infrastructure and Digital Humanities (”INF”). The application makes it easy for researchers to get more out of their images and texts without having to worry about the technical side of things.

Now integrated with the power of the Transkribus HTR

With Transkribus’ help, nopaque has reached one of their long term goals: to integrate an HTR service into nopaque. The Transkribus HTR pipeline service is implemented as a kind of proxied service, which means that the work is split between nopaque and Transkribus. nopaque takes care of preprocessing, storage, and post-processing, while Transkribus handles the recognition and extraction of handwritten and printed texts from scanned images.

If you are interested, try out nopaque here.


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