Transkribus Lite 2.3. – New Features: Smart Search, Tag Manager, and Layout Relations

The latest version of Transkribus Lite is here and brings a number of new features. Here are the most important new features: 

From now on, you can simply tick a checkbox when you are starting a text recognition job to enhance the search experience in your documents. With Smart Search, Transkribus can be configured to store a large number of the possible words for each place in the document, and to make these available for searching. Thus it is possible to find search terms that would not be found with a regular full-text search that stores only one candidate per word. This feature comes in handy especially when searching for named entities, such as place and person names, because these are typically difficult to “learn” for Transkribus as they are relatively rare compared to “normal” words. The possible alternative words are identified using AI and thus selected in a smart way. If you choose to run text recognition with Smart Search switched on, this improved search experience will be available both in Transkribus itself and on your read&search website, should you have one. 

Smart Search at the text recognition dialogue

The tag manager

With the new tag manager you can easily manage, view and search the tags in your collections. The edit mode lets you change existing tags, remove existing tags, and add new tags to your collection. The list mode displays all tags that you have used in your collection and the number of times that they have been used. With the tag search feature you can search your tags with ease. 

The new tag manager

Add relations to the layout of your documents

The layout mode of the document editor now allows you to create relations between layout elements. This way, you can connect related layout elements for further use cases. The relational data will also be incorporated into the XML of the document.

Adding relations in the layout editor

Improved user interface

With this new release we have also put a strong focus on improving the user experience by making the user interface more simple and intuitive. Now you can easily distinguish between documents and single pages as the design of the document as well as page overview has been adapted to make the difference clear. Some additional changes to the sidebar, the top navigation as well as to a number of other, smaller elements will make working with Transkribus Lite more intuitive and easy. 

New layout of Documents and Pages

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