New Document Editor: Enhanced Editing Experience with Unified Editor and Improved Tagging

We are excited to announce the latest version of Transkribus, which includes several significant improvements to our document editor. Below are the key updates in this release:

Unified Text and Layout Editor

Our new document editor features a unified text and layout editor view, making it easier for users to work with historical documents. With this update, users no longer need to switch between the editing of the recognised layout and the text. The unified editor allows users to work with the document in a single view, streamlining the document editing process and improving efficiency.

Improved Tagging and Styling

We have improved the tagging and styling of text in our editor to make the document editing experience smoother and more efficient. Users can now assign tags directly to highlighted text, and the tags displayed can be configured to show only the relevant ones. We have also added the ability to choose whether to display text with or without serifs, providing greater flexibility in how users work with documents.

Enhanced User Interface and Customization

Our goal is to make working with documents easier and more intuitive, so we have redesigned the editor to have a clean and powerful user interface. In addition to the new editor, we have added customization options such as the ability to center the image of the document automatically with the line clicked on, or to keep the image where it is when users click on text in the right text editor pane. Additionally, you can now choose if you want to hide or show the line numbers of the transcribed text via the advanced settings. These customizations allow users to work in the way that best suits their needs.

We believe that these updates will significantly enhance the document editing experience for our users, and we are excited to see how they help you to unlock the past.

New Document Editor – Watch Video


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