Russian print of the 18 c. (V. Okorokov’s Printing House)

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Russian print of the 18 c. (V. Okorokov’s Printing House)

The model «Russian print of the 18 c. (V. Okorokov’s Printing House)» was created during the course of the project «Plants and people in the Russian Empire of the 18th century: knowledge and practice distribution among social classes» at the European University at St. Petersburg. At the first stage, several scientific treatises published at the V. Okorokov’s Printing House (at the Moscow State University) were chosen as a starting point for transcribing. The books were printed in Russian, but some scientific notions and terms were supplied with Latin equivalents.

The model also shows good results on the other printed Russian texts of the 18th c., and can be used as a base model to speed up the creation of a general model for Russian print of the 18th c., including every specific printing house.

Training sources are books, scanned by Google Books (include more than 82,000 words):Георгия_Готлиба_Рихте/_7ZiAAAAcAAJ?hl=ru&gbpv=0О_дѣйствиях_и_силѣ_шал/v65iAAAAcAAJ?hl=ru&gbpv=0

Model Overview

Russian print of the 18 c. (V. Okorokov's Printing House)
Kira Kovalenko
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Latin, Russian
Latin alphabet, Cyrillic alphabet
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0.60 %
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