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+ Chronicling Novelty: A great crowd-sourcing project from the Netherlands

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Two years ago, Erika Kuijpers (Amsterdam University) in collaboration with Judith Pollman (Leiden University) started the ambitious “Chronicling Novelty” project with the intention to digitize some three hundred local chronicles from the Dutch period of 1500-1850. Using the ScanTent, they photographed thousands of pages of chronicles in archives all over the Netherlands. These images were then uploaded on the VeleHanden platform, which is working together with Transkribus. With enthusiastic work of many volunteers, a great part of the pages is already transcribed and thus will become available to other researchers and interested individuals.

They have also filmed a beautiful video (featuring the ScanTent quite prominently J), showing the achievements and success of the project so far.

Watch the video here:

If cou can read Dutch, you may want to contribute to the success of this project:


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