Transkribus User Conference 24 – Call For Contributions

The Transkribus User Conference 24 (15 & 16 February 2024, Innsbruck) invites stakeholders, users, scholars, and enthusiasts to explore the future of information extraction and share their experience with Transkribus and its output. As we move towards an era where handwritten and printed texts are becoming more and more accessible in digital form, we open our doors to a multifaceted dialogue on the next steps for exploring the content and improving the understanding of our written past. Thus, the main focus of the 2024 edition of the Transkribus User Conference is the topic of Information Extraction. We invite contributions in the following formats:

Lightning Talks (10 mins)

The Lightning Talks present an opportunity for Transkribus users to share their innovative work with the community. In a focused 5-minute presentation, followed by 5 minutes for questions, participants can showcase their projects, findings, or techniques in utilising Transkribus.

Abstract (150 words)

Round Tables (60 mins)

Round Tables offer an open platform for in-depth discussion and exploration of ideas, methodologies, or challenges related to information extraction using the Transkribus ecosystem. Participants can engage in an interactive, cooperative, and reflective dialogue, aiming to foster understanding and collaboration.
Abstract (250 words)

Workshops and Writing Sprints (120 mins)

Workshops are designed to cater to all experience levels, offering hands-on experiences ranging from beginner’s instruction to expert-level insights. If you have expertise in an area that aligns with Transkribus and information extraction, we invite you to submit your workshop proposal. Share your knowledge and skills, and contribute to the learning journey of others.
Abstract (250 words)

Scholarship Presentations (15 min)

Transkribus Scholarship recipients, both students and teachers, are invited to share their work or insights from projects using Transkribus. Present the results or unique experiences from your research or courses, with a chance to be among five people selected by a jury to present at TUC24. A reward of 10,000 credits will be given to each presenting scholarship beneficiary.
Abstract (150 words)

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations are an opportunity to visually communicate your research, projects, or ideas related to Transkribus and the future of information extraction. Submit your poster for a chance to engage with other attendees, share your insights, and stimulate discussions in a more informal setting.
Abstract (150 words)

Submit your Abstract 

Please note that the Call for Contribution will close on October 14th. Following this, we will review all submissions through the Content Committee until mid-October. We are determined to select the best contributions to ensure the conference is an inspiring experience. Starting from October 30th, we will then notify all participants about the outcomes. Whether you have an idea for a Lightning Talk, Round Table, Workshop, Scholarship Presentation, or Poster, we look forward to seeing your proposals! 

Exclusive Unconference at Transkribus Headquarters, Innsbruck

Join us the day before TUC24 for a unique unconference experience, focused on the future of information extraction.

This event, exclusive to members of the READ Cooperative, offers a participant-driven environment where you can explore, collaborate, and innovate with no predefined agenda.

  • Date: Wednesday, 14th of February 2024
  • Location: Transkribus Headquarters, Innsbruck
  • Topic: The future of information extraction

Not a member yet? Becoming part of the READ Cooperative not only gives you access to this special unconference but also allows you to actively shape the future of information extraction. By joining the READ-COOP, you’ll connect with a community passionate about the work being done with Transkribus.

Become a Member today and gain exclusive access to this inspiring unconference, as well as other Member benefits, such as free Tickets to the Transkribus User Conference. By becoming a member now, you benefit immediately!

Let’s forge new paths in information extraction together. See you at the Transkribus Headquarters in Innsbruck!


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