Mastering the Digital Transformation as an Archive

As a full service provider, we help archives to make their unique cultural and historical treasures accessible to a broad audience.


How we help Archives with the Digital Transformation

There there are still countless untapped archival collections slumbering in archives all over the world. These historical documents are just waiting to be accessed by the general public. We at READ-COOP provide a number of solutions that help archives to manage the digital transformation.

We help archives with solutions for scanning, text recognition, and digital access to historical material. Supporting the shift from a physical to the digital archive is our passion.

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What we have to offer for Archives


Text Recognition

Transkribus is our comprehensive solution for the digitisation, AI-powered text recognition, transcription and searching of historical documents – from any place, in any language, and from any century. With Transkribus you can

If you are able to provide about 50 pages of manually transcribed training material, you can train a custom AI model. Your own model is then able to recognise excactly the type of writing that you are working with. Benefit from the largest collection of training material and use other public models as base models for your own models. Thousands of different handwritings, more than 50 different languages and dozens of different scripts can already be recognised with Transkribus.

However, we also offer the possibilty to produce this so called “Ground Truth” for you, and we can also do the model training for you. All you need to do is provide the material you want to have recognised and we can do the rest for you.

Benefit from the Largest Corpus of Training Data

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AI Models
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Of Different Handwritings

Digital Accessability

read&search is our dedicated solution for making historical documents accessible online. With read&search, documents from Transkribus can be shared with the general public or with logged-in users via a feature-rich, yet easy-to use web interface. 

read&search can be customised according to your preferences. The look and feel of the Website as well as a number of different features, displaying and searching options can be cofigured according to your needs. We will set up the read&search website your audience has been wating for. 



With the ScanTent and the DocScan app we offer a portable solution for scanning loose or bound documents – for low-cost and high-quality scans. The ScanTent is an innovative approach to scanning with a smartphone. The tent enables you to scan documents under stable conditions (lighting, distance, no shaking) while exploiting the high quality of modern smartphone cameras. And: with the automatic feature of DocScan you can scan really quickly. DocScan takes the picture automatically once a page is turned, and stops as long as the same page is presented to the camera.

Where we can support you


Digital Preservation

Digital preservation is the first and most important step to secure historical records and to protect them from decay.



In order to access extensive collections of documents and records, structure as well as text must be recognized.



A modern presentation platform enables the general public to access the preserved materials.


Advanced Findability

Applying the F.A.I.R. principles, our advanced search technology unlocks the true potential of digital archives.

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