Transkribus Update – September 2023

We are thrilled to announce the September 2023 release of the Transkribus web app. After the successful switch to the new app three weeks ago, we are committed to making consistent improvements to your user experience. This is our first regular update, and you can expect new features and improvements every three weeks going forward. Let’s dive into what’s new!

Home Page

Continue Work

Continue Where I Left: Introducing a new “Continue where I left” button. Clicking on it will open the last page you saved in the document editor, making it easier for you to pick up right where you left off.

Recent Collections

Recency-Based Ranking: Collections on your home page will now be ranked based on recency. The collection containing the last document you viewed will appear first (on the left).

Document Overview

Copying Documents

Document Duplication: You can now make copies of your document with ease. Just open the 3-dot context menu beside the document and select the ‘Copy’ action.

Model Training

Quick-Start Training: Training a model is now simpler than ever. Select the documents (or also single pages) you wish to train a model with, and initiate the model training process with just a single click.

Page Overview

Page-String Selection

Filtered Page Selection: Introducing a new way to filter the pages within your document using a range-based selection. For instance, you can now easily filter pages 11 to 111, select those pages, and then either start recognition or initiate training on those selected pages.

Models Workspace

Single Model Page

In-Depth Model Information: We’re rolling out a new single model page where you can view detailed information about a model. This includes the model’s description, its training data (if you have the access rights), and its training chart. Stay tuned, as we plan to expand this section with more features in the coming months.

Thank you for using Transkribus! We value your feedback and are always working to improve your experience. Look forward to more updates in the near future!


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