Transkribus Lite 2.2.: Sharing your work has just got easier

The new sharing feature

It might be a small button for a screen, but it is a great function for your work: The new sharing feature in Transkribus Lite. Want to quickly share a page you are working on with others? You no longer need to screenshot it, you can share it instead. With just two clicks, you can now share a page from Transkribus Lite with anyone, even if they’re not registered with Transkribus. The new sharing feature also gives you full control over your shared page so you can make it private again at any time. Try out the new feature and let us know what you think!

A small button with a big impact: The new sharing button

Improved navigation bar

With this new feature we have also improved the navigation bar in the single page view. Now you can quickly navigate between the three different modes (view-, text editing and layout editing mode). This new streamlined look  makes it easier to focus on what is really important: Working on your documents. 

Be in full control of your metadata

From now on you can also edit all the metadata of your documents and collections. Just open the edit mode via the context menu with the three dots and you can modify all the additional information for your documents and collections.

Use the new table view to master large collections

This new table view is ideal for collections containing large amounts of documents With a simple click, you can switch between the cards and table overview of your documents, allowing you to view the collection in the way that is easiest for you

New: Work with structure types

If you want to work with structure types, Transkribus Lite has you covered. Using structural tags, you can now mark up the entire structure of your documents. It is also possible to  set up and modify your structure types on a collection level in the collection overview, and assign different structure types to text regions simply by right clicking and assigning them in the layout editor. 


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