+ Train the trainers in Innsbruck

We from the Transkribus-team keep noticing interest amongst ambitioned users of Transkribus in giving Transkribus-workshops and this way share their knowledge. In order to provide these people with the latest information on Transkribus features, we plan to offer a trainer seminar in Innsbruck. The seminar is currently planned from Tuesday 15th of September until Thursday 17th of September 2020. We will need at least three full days to cover the most important topics. The current curriculum has got 16 modules, so a lot of information for us to run through ?.

Due to the extraordinary Corona-situation we have in many countries at the moment, we might have to postpone the training. Nevertheless, we would like to make you aware, so you can save the date in case you are interested in taking part and we will of course keep you posted on possible changes.

In order to get the most out of the seminar for every participant the maximum number will be limited to 15 people. We already have a couple of people interested in taking part, so please let us know as soon as you can if you would like to join in (via info@readcoop.eu).

We are excited to have a detailed look on Transkribus with you!


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