Coming Soon: Exciting Changes to Transkribus Subscription Plans!

As part of our ongoing dedication to improving and adapting to the ever-changing needs of our users, we’re excited to provide a sneak peek into our upcoming pricing system that will bring more flexibility, increased value, and tailored solutions to a vast array of usage scenarios.

Introducing Tailored Subscription Plans

Our new pricing system introduces three subscription-based plans: ‘Individual’, ‘Scholar’, and ‘Organisation’. Each of these plans is precisely crafted to meet the distinct requirements of diverse groups of users. We’ve examined the needs of our users in depth, and designed these plans to ensure that they have something great to offer you, regardless of your specific use case.

Individual: Perfect for Hobby Genealogists & Students – Including a Free Option

The ‘Individual’ plan is tailored for hobby genealogists and students, providing access to the most important transcription tools. This plan includes a free option, offering 100 pages of free processing power monthly: a substantial upgrade from the previous one-time 500 credits for new users. This change ensures a cost-effective gateway into Transkribus’ powerful ecosystem of tools, with the flexibility to scale as needed.

Scholar: Tailored for Individual Researchers

The ‘Scholar’ plan is a perfect fit for individual researchers, no matter if you’re a historian, economist, professional genealogist, climate researcher, or linguist . The nature of research work often requires a more comprehensive set of tools and resources, and our ‘Scholar’ plan has been designed keeping these requirements in mind. Whether you’re working on a detailed analysis of a limited corpus or conducting a large scale academic research project, this plan will offer the resources you need to carry out your work effectively and efficiently with collaboration tools, complex export formats, and Transkribus Sites for publishing.

Organisation: Designed for Research, Cultural, and Commercial Organisations

Lastly, the ‘Organisation’ plan has been created to cater to research and cultural institutions such as archives, libraries, and museums, but also government institutions and commercial service providers. These organisations often require more extensive access to Transkribus, handling larger volumes of documents and involving numerous contributors. With the ‘Organisation’ plan, organisations can be assured of a reliable, extensive, and scalable service to meet their significant and diverse needs, with the ability to manage your users, custom solutions and pricing tailored to your complex scenarios, and dedicated access to swift support and valuable consulting.

Annual Plans & On-Demand Packages for Larger Projects

If you’re considering larger projects, foresee the need for extensive usage, or are looking for more flexibility as to when you will be able to use how much of your quota throughout the year, our annual billing option might be the perfect fit for you. Not only does this unlock a whole year’s processing allowance at once, eliminating the restrictions of a monthly quota, but it also comes with an attractive discount. Moreover, you will always have the option to purchase additional page packages in case you need more processing power in a short period of time. 

Why Change?

Our transition to a new pricing model is more than just a pricing update; it’s an entirely new approach to providing access to our platform, designed to enhance the experience for all our users. The main goal of this shift is to deliver enhanced value to our active users by closely evaluating our existing structure and refining it to ensure maximum benefit. We’ve reoriented our pricing strategy to focus more on the functionality and value our platform brings, rather than sheer quantity of usage. This means users are paying for the tools, features, and resources they use, aligning costs more closely with value and relevance. Amidst these changes, we remain committed to maintaining—and further improving— the high-quality services you’ve come to expect from Transkribus. Furthermore, our new pricing model allows us to offer more customised and sustainable solutions that cater to diverse user needs. This update also forms an important part of our long-term vision for fostering Transkribus’ growth and development, keeping it as accessible and affordable as possible, and ensuring that we will be able to continue to innovate, expand our offerings, and empower  our ever-evolving user community.

What’s next

In the weeks ahead, we will be hosting webinars and creating video tutorials to help you navigate these changes and understand their implications for your usage. We will start introducing the new Organisation plans already in the coming weeks through our sales team. Individual and Scholar plans will be available in early 2024.

We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support and look forward to enhancing your Transkribus experience with our new pricing system, and supporting you in maximising the benefits of Transkribus. Thank you, and here’s to many more years of successful collaboration!


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