Spanish Golden Age Prints 1.0

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Spanish Golden Age Prints 1.0

Model trained by Álvaro Cuéllar for the project ETSO. Estilometría aplicada al Teatro del Siglo de Oro ( It has been trained with theatre prints, mostly 17th and 18th centuries. If you want more information on how to use this model or you want to collaborate somehow, please write to If you use this model, please cite -Cuéllar, Álvaro. “Spanish Golden Age Prints 1.0”. Transkribus. 2021, and -Cuéllar, Álvaro and Germán Vega García-Luengos. ETSO: Estilometría aplicada al Teatro del Siglo de Oro. 2017-2022.

Model Overview

Spanish Golden Age Prints 1.0
Álvaro Cuéllar
Model ID:
17th, 18th
Latin alphabet
CER on validation set:
0.91 %
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This AI model was trained to automatically convert text from images of historical Latin alphabet documents into editable and searchable text.