Russian Generic Handwriting 2

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Russian Generic Handwriting 2

This second version of a generic model for handwritten Russian (predominantly late 19th/early 20th century) was trained as part of the MultiHTR project (Freiburg/Germany).

It incorporates models trained by the Estonian State Archive and the Hamburg-based INEL project. Portions of the GT data have kindly been provided by the Prozhito project (Saint Petersburg) and the Ukraine RD of JewishGen, USA.
In some of the GT transcriptions, pre-1918 letters have been represented faithfully, while in other GT transcriptions, they have been replaced with their modern equivalents.

We expanded the first version of the Russian generic model by adding the Russian Civil Records model by IAJGS and the L’Dor V’Dor Foundation’s (LDVDF) Documentation of Jewish Records Worldwide (DoJR) project as well as several additional sources from the Prozhito database.
Moreover, we incorporated data from the HKR dataset.

Model Overview

Russian generic handwriting 2
Achim Rabus
Model ID:
19th, 20th
Cyrillic alphabet
CER on validation set:
5.8 %
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