Icelandic late 18th century (experimental)

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Icelandic late 18th century (experimental)

Model for late 18th century Icelandic – mostly administrative – handwriting.
The material used for this model is mostly court documents and letter books from the period 1750 til 1800.

It was an experiment in many ways, one was the removal of certain letters like Óó, Öö, Øø
and to write them down as only Oo, the same was done for Úú, Üü which became Uu, Ÿÿ,
Ýý became Yy etc. One idea behind this was, that if the same was done for Danish 18th-
century ground truth, more accuracy might be had when combing Icelandic / Danish in one
model, which would be desirable since both languages figured heavily in 18th-century

Results of the combining were for now a mixed bag, but further testing needs to be
done. The material for this particular model is the Icelandic texts that were produced for that
combined model. It can in some cases produce fine results if the material in question is

This model itself is the sole creation of Emil Gunnlaugsson but the financing was provided
by Centre for Digital Humanities and Arts and the source material by the National Archives
of Iceland and Icelandic Manuscript Institute.

Model Overview

Icelandic late 18th century (experimental)
Emil Gunnlaugsson
Model ID:
Latin alphabet
CER on validation set:
3.10 %
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