Finnish 19th century

Model name:
NAF Court Records M10
National Archives Finland
Latin alphabet

This model is based on Renovated District Court Records (Fi: Kihlakunnanoikeuksien renovoidut tuomiokirjat, Swe: Häradsrätternas renoverade domböcker) from the years 1809-1870. Models training set consists of 2841 double-pages and the validation set 100 double-pages.  Since there were many (dozens) scribes it is a combination of many different handwritings.
The Ground Truth material is picked across Finland from 58 different court districts. Most of the Ground Truth is in Swedish, but there is also some Finnish since from 1850s some of the court districts started to write Court Records in Finnish. Renovated District Court Records are split into two series: Main Records & Notification Records. This model includes mostly Notification Records. Nevertheless the model also works fine with Main Records. This model was created as part of the READ project at National Archives of Finland (NAF). It has been used to transcribe the Notification Records from the years 1809-1870 (all districts). As a result, a search interface has been implemented where you can perform full text searches and browse automatically transcribed documents. The search interface and more information can be found at: