Transkribus Lite 2.1, improved text editor & new models manager

After the successful introduction of Transkribus Lite 2.0, we have now integrated your valuable feedback into the 2.1 release of Transkribus Lite.

New view option for the text editor

We have added the option to adjust the text-editor layout to your needs. Now you can move the toolbar to the left side of your screen with one click. This helps you to tidy up the user interface when you want to do focused work.

Transkribus will remember your configuration

Once you have everything set up to your needs in the text editor, Transkribus Lite will now store your settings. When you log back into Transkribus Lite, the layout of the editor, the position of the toolbar, and the selected font-size will be right how you left them after your last session of hard work, wrangling those ancient handwritten documents.

Manage all your text recogntion models in Transkribus Lite

With the new model manager, you can curate all your models directly in your browser. The model manager lets you change the name, description, languages, and centuries of your models.

The new Models Manager

Batch delete multiple pages

In case you want to delete more than one page from a document, you can simply select all the pages you need to remove by ticking them, and delete all of them in one go.


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