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Online Summer School

Summerschool “Digital History. Werkzeuge für Quellenerschließung und Textanalyse”

Hosted by: CAU Kiel / FGHO Lübeck
August 23, 2021
- August 28, 2021

During the summer school organized by the CAU Kiel and the FGHO Lübeck, the most important techniques and tools will be and tools will be introduced and practiced: From the preparation of sources to automated transcription and to digital text analysis. The teaching units are aimed at interested persons of all qualification levels in studies, doctorate and habilitation phase. Successful participation will result in the transcription and text analysis license will be issued. Find out more about the summer school here.

The summer school is intended to digitally trace the research process of historians along its duration: From the selection and preparation of the source to the automated transcription and analysis of the text. The free tools Transkribus and nopaque will be used. The summer school days always consist of three blocks: In the morning, the topic of the day is introduced and content is conveyed. Participants can try out their skills in the first, prepared exercises. In the afternoon, work is done and applied: The participants are welcome to try out what they have learned in the morning on material they have brought with them as well as on material provided by the FGHO/the HS of the CAU. The third block presents ongoing projects. Here, the challenges, advantages and disadvantages, and potentials of digital work with sources can be reflected upon and discussed using concrete case studies.

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Andy Stauder, Johanna Walcher, Sebastian Colutto, Günter Hackl
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