Uploading Documents

In this guide you will learn how to upload documents to Transkribus. That is needed to run tools like the layout analysis or text recognition on them. The data in Transkribus is always private and accessible only to the individual user. In the following videos you will learn how to upload documents to Transkribus from Expert Client or Transkribus Lite.

Transkribus Expert Client

Transkribus Lite

You have different options for the upload:


The FTP-upload works for image as well as for PDF-files and is especially useful for big files.

Single PDF-Upload

There is an option for single PDF-files: if you go for this one, please make sure, that all the images, which should be in one document in Transkribus are together in one PDF-file on your computer.

Single Document Upload

The single document upload is intended for image files. Important here is, that you have saved the images for one document in Transkribus in an extra folder on your computer with nothing else in it. You can search for the folder via the directory.

If you try to check the contents of the folder, it will seem as if it is empty but that is just a matter of displaying and fine like this. Please just select the folder and confirm. Then select the collection the document should be added to by double clicking. And then start the upload.

Every time you start a job in Transkribus you can check the progress of it with the Jobs-button. Here you have a list of all your finished and still running jobs.

As soon as the upload is finished the document will be listed in the collection. Please refresh once here in order to see it.

Then double click the document to open it.