The Transkribus Cloud is based on the IT infrastructure of the Central Computer Service of the University of Innsbruck. Main components are virtual servers for hosting the core Transkribus application and the integrated tools, a database server, a storage and backup facility, as well as a High Performance Computing unit.

The reasons are twofold: Firstly, Handwritten Text Recognition requires huge processing units, which your local computer would not be able to cope with. Secondly, the more transcribed documents are processed in Transkribus, the higher the chance of improving the tools. Since no user activity gets lost, every action contributes to a continuous cycle of improvement!

Image Files

  • Though it is possible to work with local files, the full power of Transkribus can only be enjoyed if the documents reside in the Transkribus Cloud.
  • All images that you upload to Transkribus remain private, unless you choose to share them with other users.
  • Once the images are uploaded they are stored and processed in the FileImageStore developed by UIBK.
  • Specifications of the FileImageStore
    • Following image formats can be processed: JPG, PNG, TIFF, JP2. Note: GIF and RAW formats from digital cameras are not supported by Transkribus
    • Resolution is always kept, but for working with the images a thumbnail, and a compressed file are produced automatically.
    • Original filenaming is kept as metadata
    • Files get a unique address

PAGE Files

We are using the PAGE XML file format as internal master format (created by the University of Salford)

REST Interfaces

Most services within Transkribus are also exposed via RESTful interface. Developers are free to use the complete REST Interface.

There is also a German page, where we we would be thankful for your input!

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