Handwritten Text Recognition – example of c.19 Italian handwriting

This document shows an example page from a collection of Italian letters written in the nineteenth century.

The page has been automatically transcribed with HTR, at a Character Error Rate (CER) of 5.0% (meaning that 95% of the characters on the page are correct).

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Other examples of documents automatically transcribed with HTR

The following documents have also been automatically transcribed by HTR engines.

  • HTR_Reichsgericht: A page from court decisions in Germany. PDF File
  • George Forrest Herbarium Specimens: A page from a collection of specimens gathered by George Forrest. Thanks to the Natural History Museum Edinburgh who organized a little test project with this kind of material. PDF File.
  • Bentham Collection: A page written by a secretary of the British philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832). PDF File