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About Transkribus

Transkribus and the technology behind it are made available via the following projects and sites:, and Transkribus on Github.


Transkribus and the technology behind it are made available via the following projects and sites:, and Transkribus on Github.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Before you start

Download the Transkribus Expert Client, or make sure you are using the latest version here.


The number of pages you can process for free in Transkribus is limited for specific recognition services. Transkribus accounts for those services using “credits”. A comprehensive list with the services this applies to can be found on the Transkribus Pricing Model page as well as a calculator that you can use to compute the amount of credits needed to process a certain amount of pages with one of the services.
But don’t worry: each user receives 500 free credits in order to try out the features of Transkribus.

Purchasing Credit Packages

These are the main steps to purchase and manage Transkribus credits: 

  1. Open our website
  2. Click on “Sign In” on the top right of the site and enter your Transkribus account credentials.
  3. Go to Transkribus Pricing Model
  4. Calculate how many credits you will need on the basis of your preferred technology
  5. Purchase by selecting a fitting package and proceed with checkout. Please note that the credits will belong to the Transkribus account that you used to log in in step 2.
  6. Open Transkribus and log in. After the order is completed the packages will show up in Transkribus within minutes.

Managing Credits in Transkribus

You can view and organize your credit account in Transkribus using the Credit Manager Dialog. You can find the button to open it in the bottom-right of the Collection Manager.

The Credit Manager button in the bottom-right of the Collection Manager

Initially, you will find your free credit package in the Credit Manager Dialog’s “My Credit Packages” table on the left-hand side which shows all packages owned by you.

Credit Manager dialog

Besides the balance of the package, i.e. the number of remaining credits in that package, another important value is the “shareable” property. The free package is not shareable meaning that only you can use it for recognition services.
At the bottom right of the table you can see the overall balance of all your packages. An overview on how much pages can still be processed with any of the services is accessible via the calculator button (to show this data on a per-package basis you can right-click the package and select “Show details…”).

The package context menu
Package details dialog

Once you start a respective job, e.g. CITlab HTR+, the required amount is automatically booked from the package. In case the job is cancelled or the processing failed on specific pages, i.e. no transcription was stored, the amount accounting for the missing pages is returned to the package.

Shareable Packages

In case you have “shareable” credit packages, you can authorize other users to use them for recognition jobs.
Therefore, the users must be added to the respective collection with a role that allows them to start recognition jobs, e.g. “Transcriber” (see also How To Transcribe Documents with Transkribus on how to manage users in collections).

The right-hand side of the Credit Manager Dialog shows the credit packages assigned to the currently loaded collection in the “Credit Packages in Collection” table. You can assign your shareable packages on the current collection by selecting them in the “My Credit Packages” table and clicking the right-arrow button between the two tables. Analogously, you can remove your packages from the collection by selecting them in the “Credit Packages in Collection” table and clicking the left-arrow button.

Assigning shareable packages to a collection

Any recognition job that is started in this collection by a user is then booked on the credit packages linked to it. If none are linked or all of them are depleted, the user’s own packages are used.

Splitting Shareable Packages

In case you do not want to share a complete package in one collection you have the option to split it up into one or more smaller packages which can itself be assigned to different collections.

For doing so, right-click the package  in the “My Credit Packages” table and select “Split package…”. In the following dialog you can select the number of packages you want to create as well as the amount to be transferred to each of those packages.

Splitting a package