Outdated Java / Already logged in

If you encounter mysterious error messages like “already connected”, maybe your java is not up to date. Please try to update Java (https://www.java.com/de/download/) and try again.

For Mac users – if the integrated java version is outdated, try to download the latest version of Transkribus from our homepage and replace the complete installation on your computer.

[Pro tip: the Mac version of the expert client comes with a java shipped within the application. If this java version is outdated, you can try to delete or replace it with an updated version. To find the files in Mac finder, right-click (or cmd-click) on the Transkribus application in your programs view, click “show packages contents” in the context menu, then go to the subfolder “Contents/MacOS”. There, the subfolder “jre” contains that java version. If you delete this folder, the application starter will try to find java on your system.]