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Transkribus is a comprehensive platform for the digitisation, AI-powered recognition, transcription and searching of historical documents. Transkribus can be trained to recognize exactly the documents you are interested in: Arabic, or English, Old German or Polish, Bangla, Hebrew or Dutch.

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Now you can use transkribus also from your browser. Transkribus lite is the web version of Transkribus with enhanced usability. Many of your beloved features from the Transkribus Expert Client can be used also in Transkribus lite. All your work can be accessed in a browser with your Transkribus account.  

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The AI-powered Transkribus platform

The aim of Transkribus is to support all those involved in the transcription of historical, printed or handwritten documents.

Transkribus provides a range of tools for automated document capture, including AI-powered handwritten text recognition (HTR), image recognition (layout analysis) and structure recognition (document understanding).

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Transkribus is for...


Transkribus helps you transcribing historical documents. No matter if handwritten or printed, from the middle ages or from the 20th century. Transkribus enables you to do this in a highly standardized, flexible and reliable way.

Transkribus enables you to:

  • manage your documents in your own private collection
  • transcribe text in any language and with any character set
  • train specific text recognition models for your documents
  • share your models with collegues or benefit from models made available by others
  • access your documents via a standardized web-interface


Archives and Libraries

Large collections of historical documents can be handled easily. With cutting edge handwritten text recognition technology, Transkribus paves the way to realise new opportunities to access, enrich and explore archival material.

Transkribus enables you to:

  • train robust text recognition models capable to recognize millions of handwritten (or printed) documents
  • offer full-text search and keyword spotting to your clients also for handwritten documents
  • involve volunteers and the crowd to improve your text recognition models with more training material or to correct documents



Are historical letters, postcards, manuscripts or medieval documents fascinating for you? With Transkribus you can decipher old handwriting. We believe that everyone can make a valuable contribution to scholarship and science.

Transkribus enables you to:

  • work with the same tool as “professional scholars”
  • recognize documents with pretrained models, e.g. German Kurrent
  • train specific text recognition models for your documents – e.g. the diaries of your father, the cooking book of your ante
  • scan your documents with your smartphone and the ScanTent



Also for scientist Transkribus offers numerous possibilites. For instace, if you are working in the fields of computer vision, document analysis, pattern recognition, natural language processing or a related field. 

Transkribus enables you to:

  • get in contact with a large community of archivists, librarians, scholars, family historians, genealogists
  • carry out research in the domain of cultural heritage and historical documents
  • see your tools running without taking care of the overall system (document management, user management, storage, bandwidth, support, communication,…)



The support of future scholars is one of our core values.  Transkribus handwritten text recognition is used for projects and theses in many different disciplines (Humanities, Law, Science etc.). Therefore, we offer the Transkribus studentship programme.


Transkribus is a great tool for businesses that work with large amounts of documents, often historical but also printed. With Transkribus you can leverage AI for layout analysis and document understanding


Training, layout analysis, using Transkribus for manually transcribing, etc. – i.e., everything but text recognition proper is free of charge. Yet, you can also use  the Transkribus text recognition feature for free, as you get 500 free credits (i.e. about 500 pages) upon signup.

Your purchases will enable us to keep Transkribus alive into the future and keep this wonderful community going 🙂 Everything you need to know about buying credits you find here.


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The roots of Transkribus

Transkribus was developed by the University of Innsbruck in cooperation with leading research groups from all over Europe as part of the Horizon 2020 EU research project READ. Due to the high level of international interest, the project will be continued as a European Cooperative (SCE). Read more on our about us page.