What will change in 2020?

Later this year we will introduce a new pricing model for the Transkribus platform. Our goal is developing an easy to use, economically viable, fair and transparent pricing model that enables us to maintain and further develop Transkribus. 

Pricing calculator

Here, we have prepared a price calculator for you with which you can determine our standard rates for the packages we are offering. This should help you get an idea of the costs you would have to take into consideration for your future projects. Give it a try!

About the new model

The model will be based on credits which you can buy directly on the website. These credits will be the currency with which you can work in Transkribus. We will charge only for the text recognition of pages. Layout analysis and training will remain free. Also, there will be hundreds of pages for free for every user – and we will support master’s and doctoral thesis projects, workshops and Transkribus dissemination events as much as we can,  with “scholarships”, for which you must apply first. 

The credits will be sold in packages of varying size, and the larger the package, the lower the price per credit will be. There are two kinds of packages: Professional and Essential. Professional packages are for large amounts of pages and collaborative work and sharing within projects. Essential packages, on the other hand, are for individual users with small amounts of pages and are subject to some restrictions (small number of credits that can only be bought once a month and cannot be shared with other users), but are a lot cheaper and provide a way of working with Transkribus affordably even without buying large amounts of credits.

There will be a 10% discount if you buy a package subscription (i.e., the packages bought for that particular order will be automatically renewed the following year, with the ability to cancel the subscription one month before it renews). Also, there will be a 10% discount for members of READ-COOP SCE. Membership also gives you the chance to participate in READ-COOP and this means also the right to vote at the annual general assembly (more). If you buy a subscription and are a member at the same time, the combined discount will not be 20, but 25%.

Another factor contributing to the price per page is the technology you choose. Transkribus comes with more than one recognition engine. For now, these include two engines developed within the READ project, which was the basis of Transkribus and READ-COOP SCE. One is  called Pylaia and was developed at the Technical University of Valencia, Spain, the other is called HTR+ and was developed by the University of Rostock and its partner company Planet AI, both based in Germany. There are slight differences in processing speed and quality between the two, and therfore in pricing as well. In the future, we will probably offer even more technology options. 

The last thing that influences the price per page is whether you want to process handwritten of printed material (including typewritten scripts). Printed material is much easier to process and therefore comes at a significantly lower price. In order to be able to process pages at the lower “print” price, you first need to contact us and request for a trained recognition model to be marked as “print”. Once we have checked the model and marked it accordingly, anyone can use the model at the lower rate, as long as the model is not changed.


With this model, prices will be between about 0.08 and 0.22 EUR for handwritten material and between about 0.02 and 0.05 EUR for printed material (excluding V.A.T.) depending on how large the packages bought are, whether you buy them in recurring form (subscription), and whether or not you are a co-op member.

Also, for large projects (300,000 pages and more) and/or special requirements we will continue preparing custom quotations if you approach us directly, even after the pricing model has been implemented. 

We are also in the process of preparing an API which will enable you to send large amounts of image files to our processing servers. There will be no need for uploading the files to the Transkribus server and files will be deleted afterwards from our servers. The API will have its own pricing model and make possible even lower rates for text recognition.

Free pages

What has made Transkribus great is its fantastic community. As a thank you, we aim to keep access to Transkribus free as much as we can. Therefore we will offer several ways to get free recognition packages:
First of all, each user will get
  • 500 free credits upon sign-up
  • 500 free credits annually if they are a subscriber OR a co-op member 
  • 1,000 free credits annually if they are a subscriber AND a co-op member
And last but not least, we will offer the aforementioned scholarships, i.e. special free packages for people making considerable efforts contributing to the community, e.g. using Transkribus for teaching at their institutions, writing a master’s or PhD thesis using Transkribus, holding Transkribus seminars, etc. These scholarships will be on a case-by-case basis and we will put a special form for applying for them on the website