+ READ on the radio in Serbia!

Transkribus and the READ project have been featured on national radio in Serbia!  Our partnership with the Library of the University of Belgrade (who is one of READ’s MOU partners) was the subject of an episode of the ‘Digital Icons’ programme, which was broadcast (in Serbian) on Radio Belgrade 2 on 2 January 2018.  ‘Digital Icons’ is a long-running series presented by Tamara Vučenović which presents news and analysis relating to digitisation in science and culture.

The programme provided an overview of the development and application of Handwritten Text Recognition technology in the READ project and gave insight into how this technology is being utilised by the Library of the University of Belgrade to produce a searchable collection of thousands of pages written in Serbian and Cyrillic script.  The programme also included an interview with READ project coordinator Dr Günter Mühlberger (University of Innsbruck).  Dr Mühlberger praised our partnership with the University Library and also explained how the automated transcription and searching of handwritten historical documents will revolutionise typical modes of study for historians, philologists and members of the public interested in their family history.  Dr Mühlberger aims to continue to develop the Transkribus transcription platform into an expanding research infrastructure for archives, universities, scholars, computer scientists and members of the public.  We hope this radio broadcast will help us reach more Serbian institutions to collaborate with!

Digital Icons, 2 January 2018.


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