Spanish print XVIII-XIX

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Spanish print XVIII-XIX

PyLaia model created from Ground Truth data resulting from the transcription and manual segmentation of a sample of 193 pages of the Spanish XVIII-XIX press, in particular volumes from “Diario de Madrid 1788-1825” (

This model has been developed within the CLARA-HD project ( founded by the Spanish Ministery and is valid for  automatically transcribing similar Spanish prints of the same period. Manual segmentation is recommended since newspapers usually contain tables and columns. A CER of 1% on validation set has been achieved.

For more information or details please contact Eva Sánchez Salido at or Ana García Serrano at

Please cite this model as: Menta, A., Sánchez-Salido, E., & García-Serrano, A. (2022). Transcripción de periódicos históricos: Aproximación CLARA-HD. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Spanish Association for Natural Language Processing 2022: Projects and Demonstrations (SEPLN-PD 2022).

Model Overview

Diario de Madrid 1788-1825
Eva Sánchez Salido, Ana García Serrano
Model ID:
18th, 19th
Latin alphabet
CER on validation set:
1.00 %
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