Viewing Profiles

Viewing Profiles

Different Viewing profiles are available to help ease the tasks of segmentation and transcription. You can select between viewing profiles for “Segmentation” and “Transcription” and “Default” by clicking the “Profiles” button in the Main menu.

Transcription View:

The “Transcription” profile means that the Text Editor field will be displayed, allowing you to transcribe your document. 

Segmentation View:
The “Segmentation” profile means that baselines are displayed in red, making it easier to spot any errors resulting from the automated segmentation process. The text editor is not shown, when the “Segmentation” view is activated. 

Default View

Both Segmentation and Transcription editing are enabled, all necessary fields are being displayed.

Figure 1 Segmentation View
Figure 2 Transcription View
Figure 3 Default View

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