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You can assign different statuses to the individual pages of your document, depending on how much progress has already been made on them. You can choose between the following statuses: 

Status: New

New applies to newly uploaded documents, which have not been edited manually yet.

Status: In Progress

Once you start editing a page and later-on save it, the Status automatically jumps to “In progress”. This status describes all the pages that have been looked at by a human being, but aren’t completely finished.

Status: Done:

Status Done means that the pages have been transcribed.

Status: Final

Transcribed pages that have been reviewed receive the status “final”.

To work with Transkribus you need so-called test sets which are used to train the AI. Such test sets can be selected during the creation of the Ground Truth. The chosen documents receive a special edit status, namely “final” and are later collected in separate documents. For each project an extra test set should be created. 

Status: Ground Truth

Ground Truth is the basis of the creation of the HTR models. It is a typewritten copy of a document which is 100 % correct. It is used to train the A.I. Any mistake in the Ground Truth will train Transkribus to learn something wrong. Therefore, it is important that the Ground Truth is a document which is as close as possible to the original text.

Figure 1 Different status in Transkribus

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