Reading Order

Reading Order

The Reading Order displays the order in which the text recognition will read the lines in an image. This Reading Order is created automatically during the Layout Analysis, but can also be changed manually later. With the automatic Layout Analysis, the Reading Order is determined by the coordinates of the lines in the image: the top line, which is furthest to the left, is number one, and so on. 

Important to know is that the Reading Order is not relevant to the training. 

If the transcription is supposed to be exported and further used for an edition e.g. the Reading Order needs to be put the right way to have the text in right order. This can be easily done by switching on the Reading Order in the “Shape Visibility” Tab. All Lines now show a circle containing a number, signifying their position in the document page. Clicking on these circles opens a window with a text editor, where new, correct numbers can be assigned. This function is especially useful in documents with difficult layouts, where the order of lines does not follow common rules.

Figure 1 Reading Order Tools

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