PyLaia is a Handwritten Text Recognition engine, which is supported besides the CITlab-HTR+ engine. The two engines work quite similarly and so the results in Character Error Rate (CER) usually are. One difference is that in PyLaia users can set several parameters on their own. The net structure of PyLaia can also be changed – a playground for people, who are familiar with machine learning. Modifications on the neural net can be done via the Github repository. The HTR+ will usually bring better results with curved or rotated lines but we are optimistic that PyLaia will be able to keep up soon in this. If you would like to use the Text to Image tool please use HTR+. For PyLaia it is not implemented yet. Documents, which have been recognised with a PyLaia-model can be searched with the Fulltext search (Solr) in Transkribus.

Figure 1 PyLaia HTR Training

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