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Keyword Spotting (KWS)

Keyword Spotting (KWS)

The Keyword Spotting (KWS) is a powerful searching tool that helps search for distinct words in the automatically recognised documents. Even if the automatically generated transcript shows higher error rates, Keyword Spotting reliably finds words and phrases. The Tool shows on which pages the keyword has been found and shows a preview snippet. Moreover, it gives a figure between 0 and 1 (0 = lowest & 1 = highest) to rate the confidence of the results i.e. how certain the tool is to have found the keyword you were searching for.
However, since KWS works only with HTR+ models, it is no longer supported in Transkribus as well. If you are using a PyLaia model on your documents, you can enable the advanced searching tool called Smart Search.

Figure 1 Search Button
Figure 2 Keyword Spotting

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