A job is a task you have started on the Transkribus servers. Examples for such tasks are Layout Analysis, Text Recognition or Training. The “Jobs” button on the “Server” tab allows you to check on the progress of your jobs. Clicking this button will open a window, listing all jobs linked to the specific user, and show their status (started, running, finished). If the job is currently running, you can check on the progress which page Transkribus is currently working on.

Undo job

Undo job is a practical tool to correct careless mistakes. It can certainly happen that a large job has been started in a document and then one realizes that the parameters were set incorrectly or that this job should not run at all. For instance, a layout analysis or a HTR job with a wrong model. To fix such errors quickly and easily, especially if they affect several pages, the function ‘Undo Job’ was added to the job list window. With this a whole job can be deleted.

Figure 1 Jobs-Button
Figure 2 Jobs Window

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