Becoming a member is very easy

 All it requires is

Buying shares

Buying a certain number of shares – for private persons and investing members: a minimum of 1 share (= 250.00 EUR), for institutions: a minimum of 4 shares (= 1,000.00 EUR), and


Paying an annual membership fee

Payment of an annual membership fee equal to 25% of the total price of the shares acquired (i.e., a minimum 63.00 EUR for private persons and 250.00 EUR for institutions, per year).

Advantages of becoming a member

Membership in combination with a recurring subscription entitles you to discounts of up to 25%, in addition to quantity discounts.

Besides price reductions for text recognition and other services, membership also entails the right to vote  at the annual general assembly, and to participate in the shaping of the community initiative that is READ-COOP SCE. For institutions, 4 shares equals 1 vote, for private persons 1 share equals 1 vote. Investing members (there is no dividend – but they may be interested in promoting the technology and/or collaborating in some way) receive 1 vote by default, from 101 shares they receive 2 votes, from 251 shares 3 votes, from 500 shares 4 votes, and from 1,000 shares 5 votes. Institutions and investing members may have a maximum of 5 votes, private persons a maximum of 1 vote.

The share price is reimbursed in full, should you ever choose to leave the co-op.

You will enjoy a high level of transparency on the part of management.

You will get price reductions for the participation fees of the annual Transkribus User Conference (which takes place in beautiful cities such as Vienna or Innsbruck – maybe in your city next time).

Statutes of READ-COOP

The statutes of READ-COOP are the “bible” for our future work. Please read them carefully. They are compliant with the EU directive on European Cooperatives as well as with national Austrian legislation and related laws. They were carefully set up with support from the Raiffeisen Association and approved by the Landesgericht Innsbruck (Court of Tyrol). The official registration number of READ-COOP SCE with limited liability is FN 520187g.