+ Try out Transkribus new recognition software PyLaia!

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Some of you might already have come across the word “PyLaia” in connection with Transkribus. Actually, it is one more recognition engine, which has been developed by UPVLC (Universitat Politècnica de València). PyLaia basically requires the same workflow as HTR+. First of all, please request the PyLaia training feature via info@readcoop.eu, by dropping us a […]

+ Entangled Histories Ordinances of the Low Countries

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In 2019 the KB National Library of the Netherlands welcomed the Researcher-in-Residence project Entangled Histories Ordinances of the Low Countries. Within this project, Annemieke Romein, Sara Veldoen and Michel de Gruijter studied early modern legislation, regarding volumes of printed texts. Transkribus was used in this project in order to make early modern printed texts (e.g. […]

+ Public model for Italian administrative hands

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We are happy to present a new public model for Italian administrative hands! It was created as a collaborative effort by Jake Dyble (Exeter/Pisa), Antonio Iodice (Exeter/Genoa), Sara Mansutti (Cork), and Rachel Midura (Virginia Tech). The model “Italian Administrative Hand, 1550-1700” was trained on a variety of Italian-language documents from state archives in Milan, Venice, […]

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